Fencing in Cardiff 

At Magenta Garden Fencing, we believe that a fence does more than just define your boundaries. It adds character, makes a statement, and enhances the personality of your garden. We offer a diverse range of fencing styles, from Feather Edge and Traditional Picket to Hit and Miss and Natural Screens, all designed to provide both privacy and security.

Transform Your Garden into Functional Spaces

Our fencing solutions are perfect for dividing large garden spaces into smaller, more manageable areas. Whether it’s creating a vegetable patch, a BBQ area, or a children’s play zone, our fences help you maximize the efficiency of your outdoor space.

Quality and Durability You Can Trust

  • Feather Board Panels: Known for their sturdiness, these panels can be fitted with either concrete or timber posts and are available in standard or custom sizes. Add a trellis for extra light and decoration.
  • Diamond Trellis Panels: Ideal for creating delicate screens or supporting climbing plants, available in various sizes and styles, including Heavy Diamond Lattice and Privacy Lattice.

Free Survey and No-Obligation Quotes

We offer a free survey to assess the suitability of your chosen fence location, checking for underground utilities and advising on height restrictions. All our quotes are free and valid for three months.

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Fencing and Fence Panels Cardiff
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Key Benefits of Artificial Grass

Opting for fencing is a game-changer when it comes to elevating the aesthetics and functionality of your outdoor space. Our team of experts carefully selects and installs your fencing to guarantee long-lasting beauty, privacy, and practicality.

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